About ABC


The ABC was formed in October 2005. The ABC takes any breed of dog. The emphasis is on ‘pet-dog’ training with help and direction in specialist training as required. In 2006 the ABC became affiliated to the Kennel Club, and was then able to run Kennel Club events in the area. One of the interests was to train for ‘pet obedience’. However there were influential trainers and members who were interested in The Kennel Club Good Citizens Awards, clicker training, agility, showing, gun dog work and tricks to name but a few of the sessions, and so some training was given for this.


Members pay weekly or in full at the time of registering with us, a course of 6 one hour lessons £50

What you’ll need:

Bring a toy for your dog to play with, and some treats in a tub or pot. (Don’t use a plastic bag, which at best is fiddly and at worst can be swallowed by a dog).

Bring your dog’s grooming equipment. Use a flat collar or half-check training collar. Check-chains are not permitted. If you currently use a ‘Halti’ or ‘Gentle Leader’ type collar or a harness then of course bring that.

We ask that you comply with the law by attaching an Identity Disc to your dog’s collar. This must have your name and your address postcode and contact number on it. Any other information on it is optional. We do suggest that your phone number is a practical addition, should your dog be lost.

You need to bring a ‘poop scoop’ with you, and of course clean up after your dog if necessary!

Wear suitable clothing. Good footwear is always required. Ensure that your dog is vaccinated and that their boosters are up to date. They need to be wormed regularly.


Toilets are available, there is a small kitchen area 2 training rooms

We sell some equipment, such as leads, collars, clickers, touch sticks, toys and dumbbells.


New members may enrol at any time. Please bring your vaccination certificates with you. Payment may be by cash or cheque. Young handlers are very welcome as are parents, grandparents, aunties and uncles, but young handlers must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.